Hi! I'm Catseye! Welcome to A Cats Eye View. Why is it called A Cat's Eye View? OH!!! Hi! Because I'm the coder, and I'm the webmaster and I'm the CUTE one Oh, by the way, that's EvilDemi What? You've never heard of EvilDemi?? Why, The Cleopatra of crime! The-OKAY!!! OK, OK, we get the picture... um.. read her story. It'll make her feel better...Hmph! Anything Catseye says is like this, anything SHE says is like THAT! And real info about the site is like this.... *shrug* Yeah! So you can skip over the yellow parts if you want!

Well, Welcome to my baby cats fan site. Soon, I hope it will be much bigger. This is just a "yeah, I'm workin on it..." Type thing.

Anyway, I do have a few stories up.

This site is just starting. I put the first pages, as test pages, up on Monday, Oct 6th. It's 4:00 am on Wednesday the 8th, and I plan on FTPing these updates before I go to bed. If you have anything (stories, art, whatever!) you'd like me to post, I'd be glad to! Just send it to me at webmaster@catseye.imess.net. The only thing I require is that it's complete, if it's a story. I say that, because it's REAL frustrating to get into a good story, and find out after 10 pages, when you're coming up on the climax, that the author has just stopped writing.

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Thanks to these 2 for providing what few graphics I didn't make myself.

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