Okay... here they are. All 3 of them... sad, eh? Well, then, send me some of yours! :)

As an American, writing stories set in Londen is tough. The culture and language is close enough to the same for some pretty aweful assumptions. It doesn't help matters, either, that two of my favorite characters (MJ and RT) have accents that it has become traditional in fan fiction (not to mention fun!) to actualy represent in writing. In order to bring this off anywhere near successfully, I use a combination of 2 automatic translators, and the movie My Fair Lady. I never actualy hear the accent, and know little about the culture that created it, despite the limited research I've done online. So I hope that anyone that would be offended realises that it's all in fun anyways, and cuts me some slack.

You talk alot.

*mutter*blush*sticks tongue out!*